How is a mailbox address constructed?

Your mailbox ID is made up from a prefix (suit, office or desk,) followed by a number of your choice. The rest of your postal address is, of course, common to all mailboxes held at a particular mail Centre. The address of each Centre presents it as a multi-occupancy building and there are several variations on each that you may use.

Do you offer any other form of Mailbox ID?

Yes we do!  For a small additional fee we can create a bespoke address for your mailbox so that you can use your name, Company title or service as an ID.

You can also utilize your own ID… we already have ‘The Executive Office’ and ‘suite’.  So long as your chosen ID doesn’t already exist, and makes sense as an address, we can program it into our system for just $30

Is my private mailbox address shared?

Never. Every mailbox ID at any given mail centre is unique.

Will you remind me when my mailbox is due to expire?

Yes of course. We will send you two notification emails one month and one week prior to your expiry date with a link to the renewal form. We will also email you in the month following expiry, before we clear your mailbox.

What if mail arrives after my account has expired?

We will continue to accept and store mail addressed to your mailbox for 30 days after expiry. Any mail received after this time will be returned, unopened, to the sender.

What do you do with any mail remaining in my mailbox?

30 days after expiry we clear your mailbox and all stored items will be destroyed, unopened.

What happens to my forwarding fund balance?

At the expiry of your account, any remaining balance will be repaid on request, to a bank account of your choosing, less any expenses incurred.

Can I reactivate an expired account?

When an account has been allowed to go beyond its expiry date, it can be renewed at any time during the following 30 days at no extra charge.

How can we top up our account?

You can top up your account at the start of your application or simply “pay as you go.”

What data do we hold?

We only store your current forwarding address and preferences, your password and password hint. You will be allocated a first email address on registration and all future communications will be carried out using this private address.

First postbox does not use cookies nor store visitor IP addresses.

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